[CT Birds] Thames River Pacific Loon - YES!

Timothy L Thompson tthompso at gdeb.com
Mon Jan 6 13:03:39 EST 2014

1/6/14 - Groton -Thames River - Pacific Loon Continues. WOW!  Thank you 
Shaibal Mitra!!  As I work for Electric Boat, I went looking for the 
Pacific Loon during my lunch break.  Bird was found inside EB waterways 
and unfortunately out of view of bins and scopes from the viewing public. 
This is a Department of Defense (DOD) facility and cameras are forbidden.  
I got views from twenty feet away and the loon would eye me and cautiously 
paddle away.  What a great bird!  It appears to be feeding off the bait 
present around the pylons and dock structures on EB property.  There was 
also a small seal present.  I followed the Loon for twenty minutes or so. 
The actual location is across and just north of Fort Trumbull.  When you 
look across from FT and see the two big yellow cranes farthest to the 
north (Goldstar bridge side), the Loon was feeding about a hundred yards 
south inside our secured area.  For those willing to search again for it, 
I would suggest to start looking at the beginning of drop tide on the 
Thames, the Loon may paddle out to take advantage of the food sources 
trapped by the receding tidal current.  It would be worthy to find out 
what time Shaibal returned last Saturday.  I'm willing to bet that the 
tide was dropping and the Loon was actively feeding just outside the EB 
docks and the protection of the leeward side cover.  Might be worth it to 
plan the drop tides for optimum viewing chances.  Today high tide will be 
at 1:08pm.  Makes sense, as Loon was relaxed and preening inside leeward 
cover at 12:20pm.  My guess is that from 1:30 onward the Loon may venture 
out and feed and be visible in the Thames as viewed from Fort Trumbull. 
Another spot to check is in front of the small island parallel to the 
river located south of Fort Trumbull on New London side.  I saw a 
different "looking Loon" that might have been this one last Friday 
afternoon in falling light, it was spotted in front of subject island. 
Current conditions are 5 to 10 mph wind gusts and 1 to 3 feet chop right 
now on the Thames.  Good viewing  to all.

Timothy L. Thompson


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