[CT Birds] Thames River Pacific Loon Update

Timothy L Thompson tthompso at gdeb.com
Wed Jan 8 13:24:07 EST 2014

1/8/14 - Thames River - Groton -  Pacific Loon was spotted yesterday, 
twice during a thirty minute period inside the docks at EB. Today, the 
whole entire interior waterway in and around the docks is frozen in.  I 
did a twenty five minute survey around the dock area and there simply is 
no available open water for the loon to dive and swim freely.  I glassed 
across the river to the Fort Trumbull side and noted significant wildfowl 
activity.  In my opinion, the loon has to be near open water and to those 
so inclined, it might be productive to take some time to look from Fort 
Trumbull glassing the shoreline and open river water.  Also, thoroughly 
check the islands just south of FT.  Other spots to check are: Bentley 
Creek located off Trumbull Street (NL), prior to the Wastewater Treatment 
plant, there is a little pull off for parking and additional parking spots 
will open up as they day wears on.  You can check Burr's Marina south of 
FT, the shoreline in front of Mitchell College(basically all along Pequot 
Ave) and further down to Pequot Lighthouse area at the mouth of the river. 
 Ocean Beach gets a lot of loons/wildfowl feeding off shore too.  High 
tide is at 3:11 pm today.  The winds have subsided and the chop on the 
river has gone down.  It appears to be favorable viewing until sunset.

Best viewing to all.

Timothy L. Thompson
 Norwich, CT


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