[CT Birds] McCooks Point Niantic

Emmayct at cs.com Emmayct at cs.com
Wed Jan 8 16:48:34 EST 2014

The mixed flock I noticed last week was there again today. Nothing unusual 
but it was nice to see so many birds and it was fun to watch them come to 
the melting ice flow on the side of the hill for a drink. Spent two hours 
there and barely noticed the cold except for my feet.

Many bluebirds
American Goldfinch
more than three Yellow Rumped Warblers
Assorted sparrows
Woodpecker of some sort
Finches with a lot of red (I think House Finches)
and only one Robin

A beautiful assortment of lively birds feeding on cedar berries, seeds, and 

Maryann in Niantic</HTML>

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