[CT Birds] Niantic River

Emmayct at cs.com Emmayct at cs.com
Thu Jan 9 16:51:08 EST 2014

The tide was extremely low late this morning in the Niantic River making it 
a magnet for birds.

It was a sheer joy just to see the volume and diversity.

Huge number of Swans and Canada Geese and Gulls.
Lots of ducks of all shapes and sizes.
Birds I could ID (as a novice)

Common Mergansers
Hooded Mergansers (incredibly beautiful and only a few feet off the Mago 
Point boat launch)
Two Common Loons
One Ruddy Duck (also very close)
and a curious bird that I had to study for awhile to ID..a Horned Grebe
and another smaller Grebe

The gulls were feasting on Huge oysters, Quahogs, and Niantic River 
Scallops! Only the best for our Niantic birds..LOL.</HTML>

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