Dorian Anderson dca at stanfordalumni.org
Thu Jan 9 20:46:11 EST 2014

CT birders

My name is Dorian Anderson, and I sent you a note a few weeks back
describing the plan for my Biking for Birds bicycle big year and
conservation fundraiser for 2014. Despite the cold, the year is off to a
great start. I started in Hampton NH before heading to Salisbury,
Gloucester, Boston, and Rhode Island. I should be heading for Connecticut
on Sunday/Monday to search for a few remaining key birds over 3-4 days
before I head further sour These include:

Saw whet owl
Long-eared owl
Northern Shrike
Cackling goose
Rusty blackbird (someone has these on a feeder north of New Haven, right?)
Rough-legged hawk - might get this in RI tomorrow or Sat
Barnacle goose - it it stays around.

Several of you have been kind enough to offer lodging already, but should
anyone else want to hop on the bandwagon, please email me at
bikingforbirds at gmail.com. For those who have contacted me already, I will
send a follow up note to you tomorrow. I will mainly be transiting along
the south coast, but if someone has an owl that he/she wants to share i
would gladly detour.

I am keeping a very current and thorough blog of the entire adventure at:


Please stop by and have a look, either now or as I transit through CT next

OK, that's it for now. Thanks for the time.

Dorian Anderson
bikingforbirds at gmail.com

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