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The record number of Bald Eagles on the CT River was 98 individuals between the Route 95 bridge and the East Haddam swing bridge. This count occurred during one of the Connecticut Audubon Society Eagle Festivals. 

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On Jan 10, 2014, at 11:09 AM, Boletebill <boletebill at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Striper kill-off and Bald Eagles.
> Thanks Steve for that link to the fish kill.
> I can't help but to speculate that this fish-kill might explain the large concentration of Bald Eagles on the lower CT River. I see multiple sub-adult eagles fly by the CT River Museum daily. There are easily 25 Bald Eagles on the lower 5 miles of the river right now and although they are spread out and moving around they are all within an easy flight of this fish-kill area. Also one wonder if there may be other fish kill areas that are undiscovered on the lower river??
> For at least five years the wintering population of Bald Eagles on the lower 10 miles of the Ct River has been approximately a little less than 25 eagles including residents based on my own observations doing Eagle Watch tours from the CT River Museum and conversations with the RiverQuest  Eagle watching boat tours. Ten or fifteen years ago these numbers were much higher including one year when there were more than 50 eagles here but recently these number have dropped way off....what's interesting is right now there are a lot of eagles around.
> Just some speculation about the high number of eagles on the CT River now.
> Bill Yule
> Essex

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