[CT Birds] Spots for rough-legged hawk

Dorian Anderson dca at stanfordalumni.org
Sat Jan 11 17:06:24 EST 2014

Hi CT birders

I am looking for reliable spots along the south coast for rough-legged
hawk. I know Hammonasset State park, but for reasons on which I can briefly
touch, is a real headache for me to bird.

I am in Charlestown RI Saturday night. Hammo is ~65 miles from me. I have a
place to stay in New London tomorrow night, which is ~35 miles from where I
am now. That would be totally manageable. I could go there tomorrow, but
that means I'd have to cycle about 30 miles just to get to Hammo on Monday.
I'd only have a bit of time to bird the area before I had to continue
further west in order find a place to stay before it gets dark. I could go
to Old Saybrook tomorrow, but that is 51 miles for tomorrow which is more
than I want to do in one hit. If I did do this 51 miles tomorrow, I could
then do the 15 to Hammo early on Monday, bird it for a decent stretch, and
then move west to find a place to stay. The biggest problem is that there
is does not appear to be ANYTHING very close to Hammo where I can stay.
Right now I have to travel to Hammo, bird it, and then travel somewhere
else to stay once I am already exhausted. If I could stay right there it
would make life so much easier.

Any ideas on alternate places to find rough-legged to avoid this type of
mileage juggling would be greatly appreciated.


Dorian Anderson
dca at stanfordalumni.org
bikingforbirds at gmail.com

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