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I'm passing along this past weekend's eagle viewing information at Shepaug Dam. 
The eagles are active and we have very few visitor reservations. 
Shepaug Dam Eagle Site has a link to the power company to make reservations, or you can call: 
1-800-368-8954 (the power company) from Tuesday to Fri. between 9 am and 3 pm. 
Dam is open on Wed., Sat. and Sunday from 9 am to 1 p.m. 
Judith Stevens, Volunteer 

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Subject: Shepaug Dam Bald Eagle Information weekend at the Dam 

Hi All, 

Best weekend at the dam so far. Saturday was foggy but we heard them and saw them. The fog came and went allowing us to get glimpse of eagles. We had a count of 6 adults and 8 immatures. 

Sunday with the sun out and warm we had a great day. 19 eagles!. 9 adults and 10 immatures! What a day to see eagles. We had them feeding and bathing. At one point we had 6 eagles in the water bathing by the island. It was as if the adults were teaching the immatures how to bath. In addition one of the adults and one of the immatures were CT birds, silver and black bands. 

Spread the word, would love to share this experience with more visitors. 

Thanks, Lucy 

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