[CT Birds] Stratford-Milford, West Haven, Old Lyme

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Mon Jan 13 23:42:55 EST 2014

Long Beach:
1 Snowy Owl sitting on a log in the marsh, to the left of  the airport 
Old dumpsite in front of  Short Beach:
1 Light-morph Rough-legged Hawk. Sitting in 2 different trees  and soaring 
over the dump area 3 different times. Accessed from Rt 113 (Main St)  but 
also seen by others from the east end of the Short Beach parking  lot.
Knapps Landing:
2 Snowy Owls seen in marsh across the river in Milford. One was  on the 
opposite bank of the river, directly across from the restaurant, the  other on 
the male Osprey's perch by the Coastal Center. 
Coastal Center:
Total of 4 Snowy Owls seen from the center, all but the one on  the perch 
by the Osprey nest  distant and only visible from the tower. The  one on the 
beach across from Knapp's Landing was NOT  visible.
West Haven: 
East Brown St.:
3 Red-head Ducks amongst the thousand or more waterfowl  gathered there, 
mostly Scaup and Brant and a few of everything else. 
Old Lyme:
Smith's Landing Boat Ramp:
1 Merlin, 1 Northern Harrier, 1 immature Bald Eagle. I was told  that a 
Short-eared Owl was seen in the marsh just before I got there (dusk) but  I 
didn't see it. 
Don  Morgan

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