[CT Birds] Barnacle goose YES, Eurasian wigeons YES 1/15 3pm

Dorian Anderson dca at stanfordalumni.org
Wed Jan 15 19:57:10 EST 2014

Hi CT birders

I've got 2 days left in CT so I'll keep you posted on my movements.

If anyone in the Greenwich area has a spare bed and could host me tomorrow
night, please let me know.

As for the barnacle goose, I had a miraculous encounter with it. I arrived
at Saco Hill road and scanned between houses before making my way down to
the beach. I found only 8 geese on the entire golf course. I then made my
way over to Harbor Road where I found a grand total of 4 geese floating
around near the mill. I had scanned and scanned and scanned. How the heck
could I miss 500+ Canadas. They clearly weren't around.

I went back to that mill at the river crossing to regroup and decide what
to do. There was a kingfisher sitting under the bridge that was making a
lot of noise. I was looking at him when I heard some geese flying in. I
looked up and saw ~12 birds coming south down the river or creek or
whatever it is. I saw a bird on the left side of the V that looked a bit
small. Binoculars revealed it to be the barnacle! What a great find for my
bicycle big year. The birds went over the bridge (right over me!) and flew
south towards the golf course. I got onto the bike and sprinted back up the
Harbor Road. The birds wheeled and headed back to the north, back up
river/creek and disappeared. POOF! GONE! It was so lucky. I was unable to
get a photo it happened so fast. I am going to go back tomorrow to try to
refine it and to locate the cackling goose. Hopefully, there will be more
geese through which I can comb.

I also saw the Eurasian wigeon at Stratford point and one of the two in
Fairfield that have been hanging out in that tidal creek near Route 1.

A very good day.

Dorian Anderson
Fairfield, for now!
bikingforbirds at gmail.com

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