[CT Birds] WH Reservoir 6

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 15 21:22:36 EST 2014

I was upset to see that the MDC has cut a vast number of trees on the perimeter of the water and has clear cut other areas, which look awful. There is a sign that says they are doing this partly for the benefit of birds that like shrublands. I don't think the areas they cut are suitable for the birds they depict on the sign, but hey, what do I know? The only benefit I can see is that you now have unobstructed views of the back of the reservoir where the waterfowl hang out.

Seen today:

2 pintails
4 ring-necked ducks
4 pair of hooded mergansers, m and f, looking spectacular in the light
hundreds of Canada geese

MDC has also removed all the brushy stuff along the upper road near the water tanks, leaving deep trenches of mud and no vegetation. That was where the sparrows and bluebirds were found. The workers said they were removing invasive species, but I can't remember exactly what was in there....it wasn't bittersweet or barberry.


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