[CT Birds] Aren't we all gull-ible?

julian hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Thu Jan 16 21:24:34 EST 2014

My note on the long beach Iceland Gull was my opinion based on it fitting neatly into what modern fieldguides define as an Iceland Gull. Others may believe it to be whatever they choose and there was no agenda on a personal level to those "non-conformists" or to Keith whose post i referenced. That is why we have debates so that a consensus can be reached by a majority.

If there are features of this bird that clearly are at odds with the identification as Iceland perhaps Keith put forward a post as to what hybrid characters are at play on this bird so others on the list may have a more complete view of the issue discussed?

I don't have anything further to add other than no personal slight to anyone with alternative solutions was intended. :)


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