[CT Birds] East Haven/Caroline Creek/Brazos Road - Harlequin Duck

Stephen Broker ls.broker at cox.net
Fri Jan 17 11:08:32 EST 2014

Yesterday, Bob Dixon and I were at the East Haven shoreline at the end of Brazos Road and the mouth of Caroline Creek for about 30 minutes, before and after 12 Noon.  There were hunters in a camouflage boat straight out from shore, and the surrounding waters were completely clear of ducks, save for the periodic fly-bys.  The good-sized rafts of goldeneye (and the female Harlequin Duck) that have been here for many days were not present.  Goldeneye and other dabbling and diving ducks, along with a few loons and Horned Grebes, were visible further east, off Cosey Beach and opposite the mouth of the Farm River.  They were not in the close range that these birds were at Caroline Creek/Brazos Road.

When hunters are not off shore, I would expect that the rafts of ducks will return, and at low tide so will the various shorebirds typically found here, including Sanderling, Ruddy Turnstone, Dunlin, and Purple Sandpiper.

Steve Broker (Cheshire)     

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