[CT Birds] Aren't we all gull-ible?

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Fri Jan 17 23:47:04 EST 2014

Thanks Julian, I like being a "non-conformist".....it makes things  
more interesting! Its good to see that there is a such interest in a  
single Gull, instead of some rare tropical passerine subspecies.

Your observations regarding this Gull as fitting neatly into what  
modern field guides define as an Iceland Gull are obviously spot on.  
And that alone should close the book.......next Gull please! But I  
(and many others) feel that there might be more to this Gull that  
warrants a bit more study. I can't speak for others as to their  
reasons, but for me since I look at and evaluate birds differently, I  
see something in this Gull that makes me feel that this Gull projects  
many features and details that go beyond normal evaluation. These  
features might possibly be overlooked using normal species  
identification guidelines. Because of my style of carving highly  
detailed and realistically recreated bird sculptures, I have spent my  
entire career defining a bird by the smallest of details. Where many  
focus on basic plumage coloration and markings, I look at and study  
the feather barbules, rachis design, pterylae, barbule pigmentation,  
etc. etc......I just look at birds differently.

For whatever its worth, I am now working on and will be posting a  
complete report regarding my thoughts on this Gull on my blog. It will  
take some time before I can complete it, since right now I am swamped  
and have little time to do everything. This is obvious, since I am  
months and months behind on my blog.

In the end, no one will ever know exactly what this Gull is; whether a  
classic Kumlien's Gull or a Gull mix. It all comes down to what we  
believe it is and what we mane it.

It sure is an interesting Gull though!

Keith Mueller

Quoting julian hough <jrhough1 at snet.net>:

> My note on the long beach Iceland Gull was my opinion based on it  
> fitting neatly into what modern fieldguides define as an Iceland  
> Gull. Others may believe it to be whatever they choose and there was  
> no agenda on a personal level to those "non-conformists" or to Keith  
> whose post i referenced. That is why we have debates so that a  
> consensus can be reached by a majority.
> If there are features of this bird that clearly are at odds with the  
> identification as Iceland perhaps Keith put forward a post as to  
> what hybrid characters are at play on this bird so others on the  
> list may have a more complete view of the issue discussed?
> I don't have anything further to add other than no personal slight  
> to anyone with alternative solutions was intended. :)
> Julian
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