[CT Birds] another Hamden sapsucker, Stratford Bald Eagle(s?)

Florence McBride michael.mcbride at yale.edu
Sat Jan 18 16:55:19 EST 2014

1/18/14 - from Florence McBride
	There was a  juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker working the spruce near our back porch at 8:15 a.m.. today.  It, or one that looked just like it, was also observed several times on 1/14, and at least once every day between 12/31/13 and 1/3/14.  On 1/2 and1/3 it was calling as well as working on and feeding at sapwells.  This tree has attracted sapsuckers during other winters, and there have been rows of their wells on its trunk for many years.
	Also:  On 1/16  when Arne Rosengren and I were birding at Long Beach in the early afternoon, the raucous calls of a small group of crows around a tree across the marsh drew our attention to an adult Bald Eagle perched there.  A little while after that we saw an adult Bald Eagle on and flying away from an osprey platform that we viewed from the parking lot around the corner at the end of Long Beach Blvd.

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