[CT Birds] Brazo's Road, East Haven

Robert Hutton rvhuk at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 21 14:44:27 EST 2014

The usual birds were seen this morning from 10 am.
Dozens of American Black Ducks
A number of Greater Scaups
Long Tailed Ducks
Common Goldeneye
Tom Presher? reported a Red Throated Loon close to shore. 
The Harlequin Duck was not seen by either of us.

As we were bitterly cold we moved on. Tom flushed with success from his visits to the Wallingford Reservoir and the Pond at Woodbridge.

On my way home a large flock numbering hundreds of dark birds was sighted by Fort Hale. They included a number of Starlings, Common Grackles and Brown Headed Cowbirds. Moved along by almost ever passing vehicle they moved toward Townsend Avenue and turned towards Morris Cove. I left after half an hour and the birds were still covering several gardens on Townsend Avenue. Parallel to Townsend a dozen Dark Eyed Juncos foraged in the shelter of the Condominiums.

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