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I received this email today - I think many of you will want to  know. I 
assume that those that signed the petition already  do.
Don Morgan

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Subj: Victory!! 'Gerald R. Ford International Airport: Stop Killing  Snowy 
Owls' on Change.org

Thank you everyone who signed the petition. I'm thrilled to announce that  
the airport put out the following statement today: 
"The Gerald R. Ford International airport is committed to safety both for  
the flying public along with our environment and its species. This year we  
have seen an influx of snowy owls - more than any other year in our 
airport's  history. We have been working with the USDA since early December to put a 
plan  in place to trap and relocate snowy owls. This plan is now up and 
running at  our airport in hopes of controlling bird populations and 
safeguarding  passengers and air crews that fly into and out of Grand Rapids every 
That message came from Mike Parr of the American Bird Conservancy, so we  
thank him for taking the leadership and getting this done. It's a good day to 
 be a Snowy Owl in Grand Rapids, Michigan! 
Kim Smith 
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