[CT Birds] 5 Glaucous Gulls

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Mon Jan 27 17:37:39 EST 2014

Today at the Windsor landfill- no Thayer's Gull. But the Glaucous Gull  
show was amazing! 5 Glaucous Gulls total for the day. Late morning 4-  
1st cycle Glaucous Gulls, 2 white with pale brown markings- (1 huge, 1  
x-large), 1 smaller with pure white plumage with a bright pink bill,  
and the fourth being a large beige bird. I met up with Mike Resch who  
was also looking for the Thayer's Gull. We were never able to find it,  
but we did find 4 Iceland Gulls, 2- 1st cycle (1 pale and 1 darker),  
1- 2nd cycle, and a quick look at an adult with black wing-tips. We  
were never able to re-locate them as the Gulls would fly around often.  
Mike also found a 2nd cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull. The beige  
Glaucous and the Iceland Gulls left early, but the 3 white Glaucous  
Gulls remained all day.

After Mike left, I stayed behind. I ran into Sara Zagorski and we  
located all 3 white Glaucous Gulls......at one point all were in the  
air together crossing by each other. A Bald Eagle showed up and  
scattered all the Gulls (again). Many of the Gulls returned but most  
left including 1 white Glaucous Gull. It flew high and disappeared to  
the north, but the other two returned and landed together in the open  
area in plain sight where they remained as we returned to our cars. As  
I was driving out, I spotted another white Glaucous Gull standing on  
the dirt mound across the parking area. I looked back and the other  
two Gulls were still on the northwest hill. This Gull was the 4th  
white Glaucous (and 5th overall) today.

Interesting note....I didn't find one banded Gull today, and the  
number of Greater Black-backed Gulls have diminished from last week. I  
only spotted 1 Ring-billed Gull. It was an amazing White-winged Gull  
day.....especially since there were no more than 500 Gulls in the  
landfill. I took nearly 4, 500 pictures! I know, I can't hep myself!!

Keith Mueller, with Mike Resch and Sara Zagorski

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