[CT Birds] Rocky Hill Meadows - Savannah "Ipswich" Sparrow

Bill Asteriades bill.asteriades at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 18:44:20 EST 2014

1/26/14 Rocky Hill, Rocky Hill Meadows - SAVANNAH "IPSWICH" SPARROW (very
rare inland) feeding in the cut corn field near the tree line at the
intersection of Great Meadow Road and N Meadow Lane with 10 "regular"
savannah sparrows. This subspecie breeds on Sable Island, Nova Scotia and
traditionally winters on sand dunes along the coast.  It represents the
first inland sighting in CT per eBird, and differs from the "Ipswich"
Sparrow reported last month which was recently changed to unidentified
based on a couple of possible conflicting field marks. Thanks to Julian
Hough and Greg Hanisek for confirming the ID.

If interested, a link to several pictures follows -

Bill Asteriades
South Glastonbury, CT

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