[CT Birds] West Rock Ridge, Woodbridge/Hamden

Stephen Broker ls.broker at cox.net
Fri Jan 31 20:23:01 EST 2014

From Steve Broker (Cheshire):
01/31/14 - Woodbridge, Konold's Pond & West Rock Ridge from the ridge top (1:20 P.M.-2:50 P.M.) -- The Trumpeter Swan has returned to Konold's Pond, Woodbridge.  Also present was one Mute Swan (the juvenile), as well as:  American Black Duck (29), Mallard (3), Hooded Merganser (1 pair), Common Raven (1 pair), 42 gulls on the frozen pond.

West Rock is a 7 mile long north-south trending traprock ridge, and with East Rock is the most southern in a series of ridges running up through the Connecticut Valley Lowlands.  One pair of Ravens has been nesting at the ridge since 2002 - presumably the same pair as present today, based on behavior.  The pair began nest reconstruction on January 20 when one stick was laid across the inaccessible, well hidden rock ledge used for nesting.  Nest building has continued since then, and the outer portion of a three foot wide nest is taking shape.  Today, the female raven was seen carrying a large stick in to the nest site.  Egg-laying is expected to begin by March 7. 

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