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John Marshall johnmarshall47 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 21:07:40 EST 2014

corrected version:

As in past years, a number of Connecticut birders are participating in a
friendly birding competition known as a Connecticut BIG JANUARY. Basically
what that is involves going birding from Jan 1 - Jan 31 within the borders
of the state and tallying up as many species as one can find. I have
volunteered to moderate this event this year. There are no prizes nor
awards for the winner.
Here are the RULES/GUIDELINES that have been used in the past:
- To qualify, one needs to have a minimum of 90 species for the month
within Connecticut.
- All species seen/heard need to have been counted on public property, your
own property, or private property with permission.
- Report your species list in the same order as the COA ARCC Official CT
List availble at http://www.ctbirding.org/ct_checklist.htmor in the order
of the eBird checklist available at http://ebird.org/
- Because of the lateness of this announcement the deadline for submission
is Saturday, Feb. 8 at 9 pm.
- Submissins should be made to JohnRMarshall at aol.com
- Results and a summary will be posted online.
- Digital photos you have taken, especially of rare species, are welcome.
Note that smaller photo file size (500 pixels on the longest dimension,
with a resolution set to 72 dpi) makes for easier/quicker emailing. Credit
will be given on any photos used in the summary report.
- Since this event is based on the honor system, please make every effort
to be as accurate and certain of your identification as possible.
- Provide the date and location for the first time each species was
identified (optional, but encouraged).

John Marshall

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