[CT Birds] Great Day for Stratford Birding

Donna Caporaso donnacap at aol.com
Sat Feb 1 21:19:44 EST 2014

Great weather and great birding!  Spent 3.5 hours walking Long Beach/Pleasure Beach.  Are Mocking Birds moving?  I had 2 in my yard today which I haven't seen in a while (along with a Northern Flicker and Female Red-Bellied Woodpecker) plus saw 5 other Mockers.

Highlights:  4 Snowy's at Long Beach.  1 in marshes opposite parking lot, 3 between Long Beach West and Pleasure Beach (down by the round concession stand!)
Also at Long Beach:
20+ Long Tailed Ducks close to shore,
Golden Eyes
2nd Cycle Iceland was up close :)
Brant Geese
1 Peregrine Falcon perched on a tree for quite a while.  Thought he/she was a little dark in color (photos can be seen in link below)
5 Snow Buntings
Lots of Gulls!
Red Breasted Mergansers in Creek 
Swans in Creek

Birdseye Boat Ramp / Greenway
1 Grebe by "waterfall"
Usually Gulls
Harrier over Greenway
Canada Geese
2 Mocking Birds

Warehouses on Long Beach Blvd.
1 GBH standing on ice in small back Pond
2 GBH in Marshes looking toward Pleasure Beach
Lots of Starlings
3 Mocking Birds 

Bonds Dock
Common Mergansers
Rock Doves

Link to Public Album from today: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152172169812439.1073742069.726347438&type=1&l=235518a9c8
Connecticut Birds Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/125313460911467/

Donna Caporaso
Stratford, CT

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