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Hi everybody
I know I have been asking a lot lately but is Hammo the only good crossbill spot?

It is not that Hammonassett is the only good crossbill spot in the state; it is just that crossbills when they leave the northlands are pretty nomadic. Because Hammo has pines near the beach and it is nearly surrounded by marshes, it creates a kind of island for land birds. When they are on the move, you can find crossbills here and there around the state, especially in the northwest hills as people have said. Hammo is reliable because they are usually easier to find there and they tend to hang around in the area, which means that they go back to the same trees daily. (Not always, though. The first time I saw one there, it was gone the next day.) If you think about it, all along the east coasts from Padre Island to Acadia, islands and small peninsulas make the best bird traps because there is limited territory for them.

Jim Bair

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