[CT Birds] Hammonasset

Nick Ferrauolo naferrauolo1999 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 18:40:52 EST 2014

Yesterday I arrived at hammo yesterday and parked in the parking lot past
the nature center and made my way to the beach to see 2 Common loons three
miles out after that I walked down the path heading towards the shorebird
nesting blockade and I noticed 1 Scaup and 1 Common Goldeneye also I
noticed 7 seals when I got to the end  there was quite a few people looking
at them, one of the ladies was looking at at approximately 50 Dunlin and
125 Sanderling on the sandbar. In the air was a flock of 5 black ducks
being chased by an American Kestrel who gave up on the ducks and started
chasing the shorebirds. I looked to the Cedar Island platform and noticed
15 people on the platform so I headed over there in hopes of a rarity. I
stopped in the nature center parking lot to look at 40 horned lark and 1
snow bunting. Then began to run to the platform until I was stopped by 2
Icelandic gulls in the marsh. However I proceeded to the platform bridge to
find in my scope 1 snowy owl on a post in the harbor. The highlight of a
great say birding! :)

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