[CT Birds] Greenwich Point Eared Grebe Pics/Directions

Ryan Maclean ryanmac335 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 21:55:19 EST 2014

After hearing from Stefan Martin about the Eared Grebe he found at
Greenwich Point this morning, I headed down there around 3 PM to try and
relocate the bird. I quickly re-found it after only a few minutes of
scanning the sound from the stone wall next to the Innis Arden Cottage. For
those of you unfamiliar with the Point, the I.A Cottage is the first
building you see on your left once you enter the Point, which also contains
the Bruce Museum Seaside Center. There's a small parking lot with a stone
wall infront of it immediately after the building where you can get out and
scan from the beach. The bird was relatively close to shore, actively
feeding in the cove with a bunch of Horned Grebes, Red-Breasted Mergansers
and Long-Tailed Ducks. I was surprised to find it so far north of the
original vantage point that it was seen from this morning and I'd suspect
that it moves around alot during the day. So if you plan on making the trip
to find it make sure you scan along the sound from as many different points
as you can if you initially come up empty.

I posted a few far from great iphone digiscoped shots I got of the bird on
the Connecticut Birds facebook page. Stefan Martin posted a couple of his
own shots as well. You can check them out here:


(next to Horned)

Hopefully some decent pics can be obtained if he decided to hang around.
Props to Stefan, Shaun Martin, Cynthia Ehlinger and Meredith Sampson for
the awesome find!

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