[CT Birds] Winter Rarities

Jim Guion jim_guion at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 3 22:41:41 EST 2014

Hi Nick,

Yes.  Like the snowy irruption this year, there are some years in which redpolls and crossbills have irruptions.  Last year we had a lot of both up here in Massachusetts, but I do not personally know if they made it as far south as Connecticut.  I wish that they were here again this year, they are really nice birds.

If you are not on ebird.com yet, you should sign up there.
Once on the site, choose the 'Explore Data' link.
Then, choose Range and Point Maps.
Then enter a species, like White-winged Crossbill, set Date to Jan-Mar 2014-2014 and location United States.
Zoom into New England a bit and you will see only gray rectangles, maybe a few light purple in Canada and Ohio indicating reports.
Then change the date to Jan-Mar 2013-2013 and see the difference!

You can also choose the 'Bar Charts' option from the 'Explore Data' page, again setting to an area like Connecticut and a date range, and see what species abundance in various times of the year are, comparing various years, etc.

Best of luck to you!

Jim Guion
Arlington, MA

> Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 17:43:22 -0500
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> Subject: [CT Birds] Winter Rarities
> I have been looking through my field guides and I have noticed that the
> redpolls and crossbills are not natives. Does this mean that they are only
> occasional visitors like the Snowies?
> Nick
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