[CT Birds] LI Sound 2/4, and Snowy Owl

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 5 06:03:51 EST 2014

>From Frank Mantlik
2/4  Long Island Sound Bird Count by boat from Milford, CT to Smithtown Bay, NY and return through offshore Westport-Milford:  Birds were scarce through much of the cruise, including long stretches of no birds mid-Sound.  The highest concentrations of usual ducks and loons were around Charles Is., Milford (scaup, Long-tailed Duck, WW Scoters), off Bridgeport harbor (loons), and Stratford Point (scaup, scoters, loons).  No alcids nor gannets were seen.  
Those birders planning to bird from a CT-LI ferry will probably do better taking the New London boat vs. the Bridgeport one.

2/4 Stratford, Stratford Point:  Large raft of 1300 GREATER SCAUP. Anthony Zemba informed me he recently saw a male REDHEAD in with the flock. I did not see it.

2/4 Milford Point, as scoped from Sniffens Lane, Stratford:  SNOWY OWL sitting on snow-covered tern nesting bar. It looked right at home.

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