[CT Birds] Spring is in the air

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Mon Feb 10 11:59:27 EST 2014

Hard to believe I know, but for the last two  weeks the birds around my 
yard have started to sing! First, of course, were the  Titmice, and now the 
neighborhood rings, every morning, with "chiva chiva  chiva." I have a pair of 
Carolina Wrens, and all winter long they have been  coming to my feeders 
separately, one at a time, but now they are always together  and the other day 
both were hanging on the suet feeder at the same time! And at  least one has 
started to sing in earnest, already the loudest bird around except  maybe 
the Crows. I think they are denning up under a large boulder in my yard,  
maybe a good nesting spot?
A  few days ago I heard one of the Cardinals for the first time, and now at 
least  one is harmonizing with the Titmice every morning. Two  days ago I 
heard a Bluebird! First one in several months, and today they are  singing 
all around my yard, certainly more than one. I keep trying, but haven't  been 
able to spot one yet. Of course the Juncos keep up their contentious  
chirping all winter long, but yesterday they were so loud I had to look and see  
what was up. There were about a dozen where I throw seed on my back porch, 
all  pecking away like mad and scolding at each other at the same time. 
Some of the House Finches are now bright red,  and even a few of the 
Goldfinches are showing more color. Oh yes, and the  Downies are drumming away 
every day now. The other morning I heard at least 4 at  one time, at different 
spots around my house. I still have a female Hairy in my  yard almost every 
day; I sure hope she can attract a mate. Haven't had a pair  here in several 
years. I still don't get many robins, but I did hear one for a  couple of 
days last week, and I'm hoping a few will soon move in for a while. Now when 
I feel cold and discouraged looking out at  all the white I just listen a 
little harder! 
Don  Morgan

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