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This is not a CT site but if one is willing to travel at least an hour from the New Milford area to Peekskill/Verplank in New York State on the Hudson River you just might be treated to the sight of bald eagles up close. With the cold the river has been frozen from the Tappan Zee Bridge north well beyond the Bear Mountain Bridge. What a draws these eagles is the readily supply of fish due to Indian Point which uses the river water to cool it's reactors, and more importantly the ice.

Today at Verplank with an outgoing tide once the ice flows began flowing south the eagle's began to appear. They perch on the ice catch fish while floating down river. The interaction when one eagle has a fish and numerous others is what draws photographer's and eagle lovers there.

I had maybe 40-50 eagles maybe 100 yards off the break water wall. With at least 10 doing fly overs where a 200-300 mm lens is all one needed. Sunday past I was told there were more than people could count ... no more than 50-60 feet away.

Here's the catch it's not a 100% guarantee the eagle's will be this close or numerous. Today, it was 6 hours waiting but with other people there time moves. One must be able to endure the cold for prolonged periods and the North wind coming down the river. What makes it worth the effort is when the birds show up.

As our winter appears to be not letting go for a while the ice will remain as well as the birds. Early March is when they return to Northern Canada.

Just dress warm especially your feet but what's also good your car is right there if you need to take a break. Leave the tripod setup and when the birds show hop out.

Unlike Shepauge (not spelled right) one is not told how close one can get. On the Hudson you can only go so far and the Eagles float and fly by the observer without humans interfering with their routine.

Just a thought if one wants to see these magnificent birds in their environment. Best times seem to be 3-4 pm when they return to roost at Charles Island. But one never knows they were present from noon till 4 when we called it a day.

Kevin Doyle from New Mitford
Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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