[CT Birds] Orient Point ferry Common Murre on Feb16

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 03:38:28 EST 2014

Sounds like the same general area where a number of us had a Common Murre
on both Dec28 and Jan13 from the Orient/NewLondon ferry.
Perhaps the same bird?

Tom Robben

PS.... Long Island Sound Bird Count compilation aiming for completion
within a few weeks, after the last reports reach us this month.

*Subject: Orient Point ferry Common Murre*
Date: Sun Feb 16 2014 15:36 pm
From: gswilliams9 AT yahoo.com

I just got a call from Shai Mitra from the Orient Point Ferry.  He had
a full breeding plumaged COMMON MURRE in the middle of the Sound in
what he believes are Connecticut waters.  He is going to check a map
when he gets in.  His description of location lining up with landmarks
looks good for it being in Connecticut.  He also had a flyby
RED-NECKED GREBE in the same general location.

from Shai Mitra

2/16/13 - Orient Point ferry, Long Island Sound -- breeding plumaged

Glenn Williams


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