[CT Birds] Last 10 years E-bird reports of Little Gull in CT

Tim Antanaitis timant123 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 23 18:13:10 EST 2014

When I first moved to CT about 12 years ago, I thought Little Gull showed up in CT every year from
mid-March to early-April and I thought I would see one soon.  Well, I still haven't.  My
understanding, from talking to other birders, was that they were becoming harder and harder to find
in CT.  I looked up e-bird reports of Little Gull in CT in the last 10 years and there are only 7
reports.  Here are the dates (you can look up the locations/birder names if you'd like):

April 1, 2012 (1 report)
March 20, 2009 (1 report)
March 17, 2008 (2 reports)
March 31, 2007 (1 report)
April 4, 2004 (1 report)
March 27, 2004 (1 report)

Date range: March 17 - April 4

Just throwing this out there because the above date range will here soon, and from the looks of
things on e-bird, many birders don't have this on their CT list.

Tim Antanaitis

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