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A not to be missed event! 
Helen has spent worked tirelessly since 1969 at building Great Gull Island into the largest colony of Common Terns in the world and the largest Roseate Tern Colony in the Western Hemisphere ! When The American Museum acquired the island in 1949 there had not been terns on the island since the early 1900's. She lives with the birds on the island from May-Sept every year. She organizes up to 25-30 researchers and volunteers at a time , housing and feeding them.She has become one of the worlds authorities on Common and Roseate Terns. And she raises the funds every year to do it all. She has encouraged so many young folks who have gone on to become respected ornithologists themselves. I am honored to have worked with Helen since the mid 1970s and am looking forward to another springtime on Great Gull Island with her. Please come out and show your support for this wonderful woman who has given her life to the birds. 

Matthew Male 

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Thought you guys may be interested in the following event next month at the Peabody: 

"Here and There Across the Continents with Roseate and Common Terns" 

Hays, an ornithologist and the director of the American Museum of 
Natural History’s Great Gull Island Project, will discuss research on 
the Roseate Tern and Common Tern on Great Gull Island at the eastern end of Long Island Sound. She will also share details from work completed 
in South America. This illustrated talk will show Great Gull Island, 
maps of routes taken by terns from Great Gull Island to Brazil and 
Argentina, and those cooperators in South America. Hays will also 
discuss work that first began in the Azores and Puerto Rico when some of the birds banded on Great Gull Island were discovered there. 

March 6, 2014 

5:30 pm 
Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History 
Free and Open to the Public 

http ://calendar. yale . edu /cal/ opa /day/20140306/All/CAL-2c9cb3cd-43e69353-0144-40f48206-00002855bedework@ yale . edu / 

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