[CT Birds] Hammo, Stratford, Sat, 3-1-14

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Sun Mar 2 12:48:57 EST 2014

Hammo was very quiet while I was there in the AM. I did see one  very 
distant imm. Bald Eagle from the tip of Willards. Also Red-tails, couple of  
Harriers and a Merlin.
No sign of a Snowy or anyone reporting one.
At Long Beach, Stratford, there was one Snowy out in the Marsh,  and not 
much else. At Birdseye St. Boat Launch there was a pair of adult BE,  first in 
the air when I got there, then sitting on an upright branch way out in  the 
Milford marsh. I also saw what I thought was and imm. BE sailing along on 
an  outgoing ice flow way out in the marsh.
I went over to Short Beach and there was an ice raft just  flowing by the 
outer breakwater. Perched on it was the imm. BE and also 2  adults, one 
working on something large and dark, possibly a Black Duck. I went  to the 
turnaround at the end of the road just in time to see an imm. BE being  pursued by 
1 adult. I assume the same birds, just returning from their sail out  to 
I stopped at the Aud. Coastal Center on the way home and didn't  see a 
thing in the marsh. However, out at the beach I spotted one heavily marked  
Snowy sitting on a log near the end of the nesting bar. Of course, before long  
someone came stomping out on the bar as fast as they could go and scared the 
owl  back into the marsh. Maybe they were just out walking, but it looked 
intentional  to me. They stopped and turned around as soon as the bird left. 
I hiked out to  the platform near the end of the beach and spotted the Snowy 
just across the  river from Birdseye, in the marsh. And way up towards the 
bridge I found 2 adult  BE at the edge of the river.
Not a great day but a couple of Snowies and a few Bald Eagles  is always 

Don  Morgan

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