[CT Birds] I am beginning to get real concerned

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 3 10:58:53 EST 2014

I am beginning to get real concerned for the berry eating birds, especially Robins, which when the ground is still frozen and covered with snow and they have no access to it, they then must subsist on their last source of food, and that would be berries. The wild crop of Berries here in the NW part of the State seems to be close if not completely gone. In my travels i see most all Winter-berry gone, as well as many Sumac and other wild berries they need to stay alive. Even Alien Japanese Bittersweet is about gone, and that is a last resort for them. I am noticing their use of fruit on domestic grown ornamental trees, and these surely must be last resort foods as well. In my yard alone, the hordes of Robins have completely eliminated all the Privet hedge red berries, and my usually productive Sumac - another last resort food source is completely gone. 
I sure wish these Robins luck in surviving till the ground is once again exposed and thawed enough for them to find available food. 

Paul Carrier - Harwinton 

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