[CT Birds] Shelton Great Horned Owl

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 3 20:24:15 EST 2014

[Reminder:  CTBirds guidance states, "Some birds should not be posted for the good of the bird.  This includes day-roosting owls...including Great-Horned Owl".   Sightings described below are far from "chase-able" by birders, and I believe comply with these basic, but very important guidelines]

Last week during daylight, before dusk (about 5 pm) I was driving in Old Wethersfield and spotted a large, "top-heavy", thick-winged, raptor flying across the street.  I was able to watch it in the open for what seemed to be forever (5-8 seconds).  A Great Horned Owl!

I've seen many big owls flying in thick deciduous woods, but only for a second or two; a couple flaps, before they disappeared in the trees.  I was so grateful to be able to briefly study this ponderous flap-flap-glide flight behavior.

Today during daylight (at 5:30 pm) I was driving north on Rte 110 when I saw a large bird exhibiting the same flight!   A Great Horned Owl was crossing the Housatonnic River to Milford.  On both occasions, I only wish that I was standing beside the road with bins, rather than driving.  

Open country owl sightings are rare in CT.  I recall decades ago, a few mid-morning sightings of migrating Short-eared Owls at Lighthouse.  These rare (for me) GH Owl sightings were a reminder of those days at Lighthouse.  

Steve Mayo

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