[CT Birds] Hermit thrush eating suet

Shari Guarino shari.guarino at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 20:52:47 EST 2014

03/03/2014 Southington
Shari and Val Guarino

This hard winter seems to have made our backyards birds learn some new
tricks.  We almost always get a hermit thrush at the heated birdbath in
very cold weather.  This winter, one has been around every day and has
recently learned to eat suet and peanuts from the feeders! I am trying to
get a picture of this but he's pretty skittish so far.

Year after year we watched brown creepers studiously avoid the suet feeders
on the tree trunks, just climb the trunk and go right around the feeder,
but be content with suet "crumbs" on the ground. This winter at least one
creeper has figured it out.  He or she goes right to the feeder and chows.

We wish them luck through this very hard season.
 Shari and Val

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