Lorraine Gundersen raineg at comcast.net
Tue Mar 4 08:10:59 EST 2014

Feeding birds is an expensive pastime but like so many birders we find ways. 
Mealworms are great but costly. The manufacturer of this product knows we love our birds so they push the cost to the highest end possible for the smallest amount.

There is a product called “Hentastic” , it’s mealworms packaged for chickens, that I purchase from my local Agway. It 1.1 pounds for $25. Although its expensive it’s much cheaper then buying those packaged for wild birds.  You can even find them at a lower price on line.

I have been using this product all year as a treat/supplement and the birds love it.

Also chopped up apples & raisins mix with suet is a big hit.

Another problem the birds seem to be facing this year is a water source. Everything is frozen. I have a heated birdbath. Simple to clean and fill.  Favorite spot for the birds on these cold morning.


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