[CT Birds] Adaptive Feeding Behavior

John and Alexandra La Force woonpuffin at cox.net
Tue Mar 4 15:22:30 EST 2014

We’ve been following the discussion about birds’ adaptive feeding behavior; both the resident Brown Creeper and the Carolina Wren (whom we’ve named Christopher, after the English architect) have found and eat from the suet feeders we have.  We change the wreath and floral display on our front porch seasonally – for winter we planted 2 yellow hollies in copper pots to flank the front door.  We plan to transplant them in spring – if Spring ever comes!  Yesterday I heard the Robin and it seemed that he was on the front porch.  I opened the door and he flew to a nearby birch but I didn’t think anything of it until I read today’s messages.  I looked out again and discovered that all the holly berries that had been on the bushes throughout winter are now gone.  Though we have lots of hollies, we have had to cover them all, as well as the rhododendron, with burlap, to prevent the 7 local deer from devouring them.  In fact, because the deer had been vacuuming up the seed we’ve been throwing on the ground for the ground-feeding birds, we went through 80 pounds of seed a few weeks ago.

John and Alex La Force

Richmond, RI

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