[CT Birds] Gulls

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Tue Mar 4 16:38:14 EST 2014

Started late this morning at the Windsor landfill, but not much  
happening. 350 Gulls just about all HERG, with the continuing probable  
HERG x LBBG hybrid, two interesting dark-eyed HERG and 2 banded HERG:  
(1 Mass. banded with small red band and 1 Newfoundland banded with  
orange marker band).

I made a quick run up to the Housatonic River, below the Shepaug Dam,  
in Southbury  after lunch and found a good number of Gulls on the ice  
and in the field....approx. 1200 which included 1 (continuing) 1st  
cycle Glaucous Gull, 2- 1st cycle Iceland Gulls, and 5 banded  
Ring-billed Gulls (1 small red band from Mass. program, and 4 blue  
banded from Montreal, Quebec program) 2 of those were re-finds, and 2  
were new numbers.

Keith Mueller

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