[CT Birds] Birding the Ferry

charles barnard jr chbarnjr at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 13:26:23 EST 2014

I have taken the Bridgeport to Port Jefferson ferry a few times, but it
seems like most of the "action" is relatively close to shore on the days I
have been aboard. There have been far more birds close to Seaside
Park/Pleasure Beach on the Connecticut side and within Port Jefferson
Harbor on the Long Island side. All of the birds on the Connecticut side
could be better seen from either near the harbor mouth or from the far
western end of Long Beach in Stratford. I would strongly advise having a
scope if viewing from shore though.  Most of the few birds which I have
seen in mid-Long Island Sound have been Long-tailed Ducks, a species
capable of very deep dives.

 Maybe when Northern Gannets, gulls and cormorants are moving through you
would do better on the boat, or maybe I have just chosen the wrong days to
make the ferry trip.

Charlie Barnard Jr

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