[CT Birds] Robin Feeding, Hermit Thrush

Patricia Bailey bails at att.net
Sat Mar 8 09:30:02 EST 2014

I too, wondered how to put food out for robins because they are so skittish.
I put the mealworms and soaked raisins where I saw them hanging out.  I used to have about 30 robins, now I'm down to 3.  I got one Hermit Thrush and two robins to come to the food.
But then the Blue Jays, Juncos and squirrels came to it also.  I can't afford to feed the gobbling Blue Jay hogs.
So, it isn't easy and I feel so bad for the robins.  Hopefully they get a few mouthfuls to keep them going til the ground get exposed and thawed out.
Pat Bailey
Sherman, CT

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