[CT Birds] Monk Parakeet Feeder Request

Kevin Burgio kevin.burgio at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 14:01:52 EST 2014


As many of know, I have been studying Monk Parakeets within the state for a
number of years.  Presently, I am starting a new study on their
thermoregulatory capacity during our cold CT winters.  To start, I need to
take some pilot images with my thermal camera before it starts to get
warmer outside, so I am looking for someone with a feeder that Monk
Parakeets very regularly visit (i.e. at least once a day) who will allow me
to spend an hour or two taking images of Monks at their feeder.

If you would be willing to come, please email me (off the list), or, if you
don't personally have Monks come to your feeder but know someone that does,
please me know too!  If you have any further questions, I'd be happy to
answer them.  Thanks!


Kevin R. Burgio  @KRBurgio <https://twitter.com/KRBurgio>
Ph.D. Student
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
University of Connecticut
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Dept
kevin.burgio at uconn.edu
(860) 230-7856
Monk Parakeet Research Website <http://www.eeb.uconn.edu/people/burgio>
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