[CT Birds] Lower CT River report

Boletebill boletebill at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 9 09:32:21 EDT 2014

Essex/Old Saybrook/CT River: 3/8/14. All white (leucistic?) Red-throated loon continues on the river. 
Also two adult male Northern Harriers inter-acting.
Rough-legged Hawk- Goose Island.
20+ Bald Eagles- (eagle numbers are diminishing, down from a high of 35)

Behavior observation- I don't know if this is unusual or just something new to me but this is occurring off Goose Island in Lyme: There is group of 5 Red-throated Loons that seem to be acting as a cohort in the same way groups of diving ducks act...they dive together in rapid sequence so they are all underwater at the same time and then they all re-surface at the same time so they are all up together and then repeat. They have been together here for 3 days at least. Although this is familiar behavior for diving ducks on the river I've never seen this with loons. Anybody else?

Last words- The 100's of Common Mergansers o the lower river have mostly left this part of the river and there is now a large number of RB Mergansers on the river.
Bill Yule
Report from CT River Museum/Project Oceanolgoy EagleWatch tours from Essex CT.
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