[CT Birds] Rusty Blackbird Spring Migration Blitz nearly here!

James Restivo james.restivo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 12:51:13 EDT 2014


The Rusty Blackbird Spring Migration Blitz is nearly here! Although the
Blitz hasn't "officially" begun for Connecticut, Rusty Blackbird reports
are welcome and are, in fact, critical. Feel free to submit data using the
Spring Blitz protocol in eBird.

To submit via this protocol, you'll choose "Other" under Observation Type,
and then choose the Rusty Blackbird Spring Migration Blitz option. The
required fields are:

Start Time
Party Size

Negative reports are welcome as well, and are as valuable as actual

Some tips on where to find Rusty Blackbirds:

As Rusties start their migration northward, they'll leave their wintering
haunts of wet bottomland forest, and can use nearly any habitat. Although
often found along wooded edges of marshes during migration, this is by no
means the only place to find them. They'll use agricultural fields and
lawns, as well as wooded edges. Part of the purpose of the protocol is to
find out which habitats they will use most often during migration.

Here is a link to the Potential Habitat page from the website:

As the Blitz gets underway, feel free to reach out to me or Judith Scarl (
jscarl at vtecostudies.org) with any questions you may have on finding or
identifying Rusties, as well as with any questions you have about the
project or the protocol.

Good Blitzing!

James Restivo
Medford, MA

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