[CT Birds] Stratford/Westport Highlights

Stefan Martin nafets519 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 20:28:44 EDT 2014

With Mike Warner:
Stratford- Cove Place. The Gull feeding frenzy was underway with about 500 gulls feeding offshore. Highlights of the group were 80-100 Bonaparte's Gulls.  

Stratford Point- I know it's a common bird for this time but not its plumage.. 

1 Drake Long-tailed Duck in breeding plumage! (First time I have ever seen this, and in March on top of it)

30 Canvasback- Frash Pond 

1-Wilson's snipe in marsh along Access RD.

Burying Hill Beach- Just before sunset,

A pair of Wood Ducks among 150 Long-tailed Ducks (rather unusual and about 100 yards out).

1-Red-necked Grebe in breeding plumage directly off the beach and rather close. The bird flew off towards  Sherwood while I was viewing it. On my way out I noticed something swimming in the marsh by the entrance.. It was the Grebe! The bird dove and came up 15ft from shore! Never thought I'd see one in breeding plumage so close. It was a nice end to the day to say the least. 

Stefan Martin

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