[CT Birds] Red-necked Grebe at Burying Hill Beach and OT: Red-neck Vireo

Joe Zygala shilohdad01 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 20:40:40 EDT 2014

This afternoon I saw the Red-necked Grebe at Burying Hill Beach. On the way in I checked the creek, and got Gadwall, Mallard, Canada Goose and Ring-billed Gull. I then check out the Sound and got Common Loon, Horned Grebe, Long-tailed Duck, the usual gulls, a lone American Black Duck and Red-breasted Merganser (and other normal stuff I may be forgetting).

Then on the way out, I glanced at the creek again. There were 2 Mute Swans, and then I saw this largish bird swimming. It had a gray body and the top of the head was black. OK, stop the car and look at it more carefully. The bird was facing away from me, and the head had two knobs. I could then see a little white on the sides of the face. Hmm. The neck showed a little red on the sides. Really hmm. It then finally turned side-on to me and it was a glorious alternate-plumaged Red-necked Grebe.

So, now on to the OT. Several years ago we took a spring trip to south Texas. One day we took a boat trip to see the Whooping Cranes. On the way out to where we would see them, we passed through brushy areas where White-eyed Vireos were singing. The boat's captain said, "Ah, the song of the Red-neck Vireo." I gave him a funny look, and he replied, "Quick, get me a beer, chick." I nearly fell out of the boat! I will never hear White-eyed Vireo song the same way again!

Joe Zygala
South Salem, NY (a.k.a., West Ridgefield)

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