[CT Birds] Stratford Snowy Owl and Long-tailed Duck numbers

charles barnard jr chbarnjr at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 15:49:29 EDT 2014

A Snowy Owl still remains in the Stratford marshes near the entrance booth
to Long Beach. It was easily visible, since all but a trace of the ice and
snow was gone from the marsh. Incidentally, a check of Connecticut Birds
(Zeranski and Baptist) lists April 12, 1950 as the latest spring date for
Snowy Owl in Connecticut. That date may have been surpassed since the
publication of that book in 1990.

Far offshore at Long Beach, a large flock of at least 500 Long-tailed Ducks
took briefly to flight from time to time, but settled back into the water
each time. Once they had settled down into the water, they were not

Charlie Barnard Jr

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