[CT Birds] West Haven- Canvasback- just west of beaches

Colleen Lord clordtalbot at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 13:58:34 EDT 2014

  12pm-present: 4 male canvasback, 1 female canvasback (first time I've seen them here), and 2 buffleheads (also first time here) feeding with 600 scaup, mostly greater, and 200 brant, amongst the mid-tide rocks in front of my seawall. Also 18-20 am. wigeon on  shore with a few mallards and blacks for good measure, and 10 common goldeneye farther out. Several hundred herring and ring-billed gulls with 2 great black-backed gulls.  Only 4 RB mergs today. Altogether this is the most birds ever here at one time - fantastic!
  3 of the 4 male canvasbacks just flew east toward new haven harbor and the other male plus the female remain. 
  I'm supposed to be packing to leave for a trip to a research field station in Central America today- but I can't stop watching all these beauties!

Colleen Lord
West Haven

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