[CT Birds] Fox Sparrow mini invasion ?

John Pfitzner jkat61 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 13 19:01:19 EDT 2014

Hammonasset 03.13.2014 5:30 pm
Four Fox Sparrows feeding around the solar panel at nature center.
Also Snowy Egret edge of swan pond along with the pair of mute swans.
I have had one to two Fox Sparrows here in the yard for a few day's now.
And when I came home after Hammo I scanned the back yard and found
Five fox Sparrows there. Have never had more than three at one time.
Every winter for at least three years we have a single Yellow Rumped warbler
Feeding on suet and suet crumbs. Two weeks ago he was joined by two more 
And the three of them all feed together, at first the pair would chase off the other
But now they all get along.
I think the pair of Brown Creepers that have been here most of the winter have departed.
Still have a few White throated sparrows and juncos and some American tree sparrows.
Had up to 15 just a few day's ago. 
John Pfitzner

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