[CT Birds] Woodcock, Fox Sp, Barred

Dan Rottino rottino at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 13 20:35:58 EDT 2014

From Dan Rottino:
Windham Center - 7:15pm; 1 AMERICAN WOODCOCK flying around at the large field near the intersection of Rte 14 & Back Rd.

Well, I guess I spoke to soon about spring as my family saw a fox sparrow in the yard today.  It disappeared when the weather was warm but quickly returned for the wintry day.  Just part of the fox sparrow express this year.

From Trudy, Emily and Danny Rottino:
 East Haddam Yard - 1 FOX SPARROW.  My family also had a Barred Owl land next to the coveted patio just outside the dining room window at dinner time.  What a thrill as it moved around the yard.  They are resident, but we hear them more than we see them.  I have seen and heard them close but never this close - it was up against the patio and may have even been on it.  My neighbor is also reporting it very close to their house with spectacular pictures.  It is out during the day as well as evenings.  I am guessing its pretty hungry?  Or maybe just very comfortable in the neighborhood.  

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Dan Rottino
East Haddam

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